Friday, June 12, 2009

Who Lives Here?

I spent a glorious weekend last June at my friend, Nancy Rue's, house in Tennessee. She lives on Old Hickory Lake, which I discovered was the home of many-a water fairy and other mysterious creatures. Check out this picture. I believe it's the home of a cave troll, although he never did show his face. We respected his privacy and left him alone. It's always best to do that with trolls anyway.


  1. Pam, your pictures are awesome! I can imagine the excitement you and Nancy shared when you discovered this treasure of a troll cave!

    And Daryl gets a gold star for calling your attention to the fairy circle instead of just mowing over it.

    Ah, the mysteries of the fantasy realm we have yet to discover.

  2. I guess my enthusiasm is catching for Daryl to notice these things. HA!! But yes, there's so much to discover when writing fantasy. The possibilities are endless. That's what makes it so much fun!